• Identify detailed characteristics and establish a conditioning procedure for each raw material to maximise the biorecovery process
  • Remove the main interfering components (IC) present in bauxite residue (BR) to concentrate rare earth elements (REEs) and increase their accessibility whil minimising their loss
  • Obtain selective immobilised biosorbents based on siderophore-producing bacteria and purified siderophores for extracting REEs
  • Develop a flexible and modular biorecovery process able to treat primary and secondary sources
  • Define the optimal combination of processes of the BIORECOVER solution
  • Ensure the best health, safety and risk performance
  • Define the quality requirements of the metals recovered and develop downstream processes
  • Valorise residual streams while minimising water consumption and wastewater generation
  • Contribute to climate change mitigation through the acquisitiong of processes with lower energy consumption and implementation of circular economy models


The implementation of the project is broken down into a step-by-step process. Hover over each of the steps to learn more about each stage of the BIORECOVER process.

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Generate know-how through patents &publications

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Increase process selectivity broader range & higher recovery rates of vauable raw materials

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Increase economic performance

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Improve the competitiveness

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Improve health, safety & environmental performance of operations